Art Gallery

The program for the art gallery was a complex one. We were required to have an entry/foyer, an art gallery, a storage area, a studio, a residential space and finally, a lap pool. The site for the project was a small plot of land 10m wide by 17 m long on Skye Lane in Toronto, Ontario.

The tension between the private and public space was the most important aspect of this project for me. I wanted to keep the private living spaces separate from the public gallery spaces, but also needed them to be accessible from one to the other.

As you can see from the plans and sections, the areas revolve around two stairways. The public stairway which ends at the gallery space and the private stair way from the private entrance which gives the artist access to all areas as they need.

Media and Materials:

Perspective: Pencil and Strathmore Paper

Plans and Sections: Original in Pencil and Strathmore Paper, Presentation rendered with Photoshop

Model: Balsa Wood on Foamcore base.